March 7, 2023

Best Sales Contribution at GWM Conference 2023

ADMC in Saudi Arabia was recognized for its best sales contribution by the Head of GWM Middle East and Africa at the GWM Annual Conference held in April 2023.

Tamer Al Nady, Sales Manager at ADMC, was honored to receive this prestigious award. He underscored the importance of this recognition and ADMC's continued commitment to excellence in automotive distribution.

GWM's annual conference was an opportunity for the company to highlight ADMC's exceptional performance as a distributor. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in the automotive market, ADMC has been able to achieve impressive sales and contribute significantly to GWM's growth in the Middle East and Africa.

GWM's new model lineup, including the brand new POER KING KONG global pickup model, has been well received in the market. The upgraded features of this vehicle, such as a large grille, new style of headlights, and a 2.0T engine with a 6-speed manual transmission, aroused the interest of consumers.

The presentation of the Best Sales Contribution award to ADMC demonstrates the company's effort and dedication to continuous performance improvement. This recognition also reinforces ADMC's reputation as a trusted and leading distributor in the automotive industry.

As part of its future plans, GWM plans to continue to expand its product line and launch the POER KING KONG model in several markets this year. ADMC will play a key role in the distribution of this model and will strive to maintain the high standards that earned it this accolade.

In conclusion, ADMC in Saudi Arabia was recognized for its outstanding contribution to sales and was honored at the annual GWM conference. ADMC will continue to demonstrate excellence in its field by providing quality distribution and marketing services for global automotive brands. Its strong partnership with GWM guarantees a promising future for both companies in the automotive market.


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