March 7, 2023

ADMC opens biggest Showroom in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Together we are working for change. Together we reshape the future.

On 5th June 2022 ADMC opened a showroom in Al Khobar. This is the biggest showroom in the Kingdom for Haval and GWM. We launched it as a part of our journey to the future, armed with ambition, reaching our potential, and believing  in how essential dreams are as a path to change.

ADMC worked for more than 60 years, embracing its roots and putting its eyes on the future.

This opening is a reminder of the importance of acts to achieve change and ADMC’s ambition to make this new showroom a way to reshape the experience of our customer’s journey from pre sale through to after-sale, believing that customer satisfaction is a priority to measure our performance. This showroom has a strategic location, and will provide all kinds of services including a service centre for spare parts to serve our customers.

We also care about employee satisfaction; we consider our people as family members who give their efforts for the growth of our business and put their time into ADMC achievements.Because of them, we reach our dreams. We value each speeded second, and we see it as a step that pushes us as a team towards our goals.

Finally, opening this showroom in Al Khobar aims to deliver our services to a wider range of clients wherever they are, and to leave the ADMC fingerprint in reshaping the automotive landscape in Saudi Arabia.

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